Masonry Restoration Specialists

Raymond James Restoration has been performing masonry restoration and repair on buildings through out New England for over 15 years. As full service masonry restoration specialists we offer services that range from masonry restoration of building facades, historic revitalization, all aspects of masonry repair, masonry cleaning and protection services as well as maintenance consultation services.

We have garnered a reputation of delivering quality craftsmanship and excellent project management for our customers. Please take a moment to review our site to learn more about our services and recent projects.

In The News

businesswest-article.pngSet In Stone - Raymond James Restoration Has This Art
Down to a Science

Raymond James Restoration was recently profiled in the Business Journal of Western MA. The article, written by Kathleen Mitchell, details the craftsmanship of the Raymond James Restoration team and their well-honed methods that allow them to complete stunning restorations at reasonable prices.   Click Here to Read the Article