we are a full service building restoration contractor

We offer services that range from masonry restoration of building facades, historic revitalizations, all aspects of masonry repair, masonry cleaning and protection services, chimney restoration and repair as well as maintenance consulting services.

Masonry Restoration and Repair Services

Our Masonry Restoration and Repair Services include brick repair, brick replacement, brick matching, stone replacement, stone matching, repointing also known as tuckpointing, mortar matching, caulking, concrete precast repair, concrete replacement, concrete walkways, stucco repair, chimney repair and chimney restoration.

Masonry Cleaning and Protection Services

Our Masonry Cleaning and Protection Services include chemical cleaning services, brick cleaning, paint stripping from brick, stone cleaning, concrete cleaning, stucco cleaning, brick water proofing, concrete waterproofing, stone waterproofing, stucco waterproofing and mortar waterproofing.

We service customers throughout New England. Our service area includes all of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont.