Edgell Memorial Library

Framingham, MA

Raymond James Restoration, Inc. completed a historical Chimney Rehabilitation on a historical building in Framingham. Edgell Memorial Library was originally built in 1872 to commemorate the valor of the Civil War soldiers from its community. It is one of the few remaining Victorian Gothic style building in the area and anchors the Centre Common of Framingham.

The restoration was a very tedious one, having to label EACH stone as it came off of the stack, so as to replace each in the very exact position they were taken from. The mortar joints were also measured before cut-out could begin, in order to exactly replicate the spacing. The chimney flues had to be specially ordered to match the existing terracotta (clay) ones and the caps were recreated out of mimic ( a material that is used to repair and reconstruct terracotta) in order to match the shape and color of the existing ones.